1313 - Die Kolonisten von Lao-Sinh
The colonists of LAO-SINH
Marianne Sydow

Dao-Lin-H'ay, the protector of the colony in LAO-SINH (Absantha-Gom) is ordered back to her home galaxy Ardustaar (Pinwheel) by the High Women, the leaders of her folk, the Kartanin. She does not know why and on her two-year-flight back she reflects about the last years when she led the colonization-project in order to see if she might have made a mistake that would have caused her being ordered back:

It all began when the Voice Of Ardustaar mentally contacted her and assigned her with the task of leading the colonization-process in LAO-SINH. In preparation Dao-Lin was flown out of Pinwheel in the direction of LAO-SINH. There with the help of some drops of Paratau she could for the first time really feel LAO-SINH and became filled with a deep longing for that place that was always a promise of a living without sorrow for all Kartanin. Thus prepared she flew over there with a long-range spaceship of the UMBALI-class within a two years time. She ruled wisely over the first colony and founded ever more of them, always in secret, hiding from the other space-faring folks in Absantha-Gom, especially the Eternal Warriors and their vassals. Still she spied on them in order to learn more about the Codex Of The Warrior, the other folks in the galaxy, their habits and languages. A rather puzzling revelation told her that the Eternal Warriors worship a statue that looks exactly like a Kartanin. But she never could learn any more details on that mystery. Over the years more and more UMBALI-ships arrived supplying the colonies with a wealth of materials, techniques and people to help them in their effort. Also some UMBALI, assembled from the arriving UMBALI were send back to Ardustaar regularly to give report on the advances of the colonies. All her actions were always approved when the next UMBALI arrived after a report reached their home, but still one day Dao-Lin received order to head back with the next UMBALI. After a year of preparation she finally leaves LAO-SINH and embarkes on the two-year flight back home.

Now at last the ship arrives in the outer reaches of Ardustaar but is attacked and stopped immediately by a group of ships of the PIG (Pinwheel Information Group), lead by Nikki Frickel, that learned about her arrival and want to capture and question her. The Voice Of Ardustaar contacts Dao-Linh mentally and urges her to abandon the ship because she is needed greatly for a task in Ardustaar that not even one of the High Women could do. Hesitantly she flees from the UMBALI with a small escape-ship, heading for the coordinates the Voice gave her.

The Voice Of Ardustaar actually is a group of 18 very old Kartanin women that call themselfs The Knowing Women who are the only ones to know about the true history of the Kartanin and preserve that wisdom. One of them is about to die and Dao-Lin shall be her successor. But that is as of yet not revealed to Dao-Lin and she is still confused about what happens. At least the Voice assured her that she is not called back to b punished for anything but that she performed marvellously.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-22

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