1312 - Die Spur der Kartanin
Trace of the Kartanin
Arndt Ellmer

The PIG (Pinwheel Information Group), lead by Nikki Frickel is gathering information in Pinwheel (home galaxy of the Kartanin and their enmies the Maakar) and Fornax (origin of the Paratau), the conflict between Kartanin and Maakar as well as their other plans. They find that the Maakar finally determined where the Paratau is coming from. But all in all the conflict between them and the Kartanin is greatly deescalated by the Kartanin who grant the Maakar access to great territories in Pinwheel they formerly claimed for themselfs.

This of course must have a reason and with the reports of a couple of scouts of the PIG and the report Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch and his crew give upon their arrival in Pinwheel a coherent picture forms. The Kartanin have been for at least four decades been building long-range spaceships of the UMBALI-class that head of for Absantha-Gom in the realm of ESTARTU, taking with them materials and specialists to begin colonizing worlds over there. Also they take with them huge amounts of Paratau-drops that ships of the MASURA-class collect in Fornax and bring back to Pinwheel. It all seems like a mass-exodus of maybe all Kartanin into Absantha-Gom is being prepared. Now Nikki wants to find out the reason behind it.

They manage to witness the final assembly-phase of a UMBALI-ship, it's taking cargo and departure to Absantha-Gom. Nikki and a few of her agents of the PIG secretely enter the base in which the ship was build and try to find out about the reasons. But they have to see that the Kartanin working in that base do not know it themselfs but are just following orders. The only thing of importance they find out is, that a return-ship from Absantha-Gom is to arrive soon in Pinwheel carrying aboard Dao-Lin-H'ay a Kartanin of high rank they suspect to be in the know about the information they seek. They decide to stop that ship and question her.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-20

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