1311 - Hölle SOTHOM
H.G. Ewers

(Seamless continuation of 1310, Operation "Shrine Of The Gods")

Peregrin keeps his promise and Tellier de Rogue now -instead of fighting her to the death- wants to fight against Tinta in an effort to learn about her skills. Tinta manages to fight to a draw and impresses Tellier greatly. They return to the main building of the Tschomolungma. Tinta leaves in the dead of night to join Tiff and his group. But she gets caught, questioned, tortured until unconsciuos and put to prison. When she awakens from unconsciousness she finds a little container with 1000 drops of Paratau in her cell that Peregrin took from Tiff's group to enable her to flee. With the help of the Paratau Tinta is able to create a field around her that speeds up her movements thousandfold, thus outrunning her wardens who in comparison to herself seem to not even move at all. Now she is able to reach the SOTHOM and Tiff and his party.

They in the meantime successfully entered the SOTHOM and obtained a plan of it and it's security-systems. Disabling them one by one the try to enter the innermost room, where they can gather the information they need. Peregrin helps again by warning them about a mechanism they almoust accidently triggered while entering the innermost chamber that would have caused the destruction of the SOTHOM and the whole earth with it.

They reason that Stygian can easily guess that Tiff and Nia are with the group that entered the SOTHOM (and by now surely were detected) and that he himself wants to be present when they are captured. But to protect himself he shortly before needs to deactivate that doomsday-mechanism and that would give Tiff time to get the desired information. It exactly happens that way and finally Tiff and his friends can enter the innermost chamber.

There they find a syntronic computer that has a couple of Pterus attached to it as a bionic component. Sid is able to extract telepathically the information they need from those Pterus. Now they have to flee the scene and manage to do so with the help of Tinta and her field of accelerated movement she produces around them all. But to do so she had to take a huge overdose of Paratau and dies from the effort.

Now the GOI has deep insights into almost all of Stygian's plans, especially about his invasion plan of the Blues-territory. But Stygian by himself knows that they still do not know everything because he has a secret weapon that no one will be able ta anticipate and that he put no information on into the synthron of the SOTHOM.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-20

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