1310 - Unternehmen Götterschrein
Project "Shrine Of The Gods"
H.G. Ewers

Julian "Tiff" Tifflorn, head of the GOI (Galactic Organic Independence), wants to investigate, how exactly Sotho "Stygian" Tyg Ian's plan to strike against the Blues in the eastern part of the Milky Way looks like. Therefor he intents to enter the SOTHOM, Stygians central on earth in the Upanishad Tschomolungma on top of Mount Everest. He meets with Homer G. Adams, head of the Cosmic Hanse, who supplies him with a new kind of robot, that actually is a mobile transmitter. The transmitter itself is a new development, absorbing the shockwaves of transmits in two ways and thus becoming virtually undetectable. These new robots are called TIPIs and Tiff and Nia Selegris use one to get near the Tschomolungma. There they join forces with Sid Avarit and Elsande Grel, two Anti, who are also members of GOI. Together they breach the energetic shield surrounding the Upanishad with the help of the TIPI they brought.

Another GOI-agent, Tinta Raedh, an Oxtornian, officially joins the school as a Shada to obtain inside information on the secret SOTHOM if possible and later join and help Tiff's group. She is confronted with another Oxtornian, Tellier De Rogue, who is a teacher, a Panisha at Tschomolungma. While showing her around he discoveres that Tinta is a GOI-agent and therefor an enemy and puts her into a holographic environment that simulates oxtornian conditions. There he intends to fight her to the death of her.

With the help of Sid, a latent telepath, who increases her skill by means of Paratau, Tiff and his company learn about the situation Tinta is in and hurry to her rescue. But Tellier De Rogue detects them and they are unable to interfere. Suddenly, seemingly out of thin air, a humanoid with long white hair and a long white beard, that calls himself Peregring appears between Tinta and Pellier. He says that in a few moments he would make Pellier think kindly of Tinta and hold her in high esteem, but that Tiff and the others have to disappear now. He also announces that he might help Tinta and them later again but otherwise does not reveal anything else about himself. Tiff believes him and they leave the place.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-20

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