131 - Das Versteck in der Zukunft
Fortress In Time
Kurt Mahr

The robot Meech Hannigan has been missing since attempting to rejoin the cruiser JOAN from the transmitter of the observation station BOB-21. In fact, he has rematerialized inside of a time-field or field of relativity projected by a Posbi Station in the emptiness of intergalactic space. He has been there for six months and his temperature has begun to lower dangerously. A slight energy fluctuation projects him inside of the station for a brief moment. Signals that he then sends out are received regularly by the patrol cruiser VITTORIO. Nike Quinto, the chief of Section III, is immediately informed.

The VOLTA, accompanied by the THEODORIC, travels to the origin of the signals. Larry Randall has in his possession a box that he bought from a seller who confirms that he received it from a being whose description corresponds to a Posbi. The box is supposed to be linked to temporal line curvature - in other words, it is also able to project a time-field. When they arrive at their destination, the two vessels discover no spacecraft but they do detect a temporal distortion field.

A platform with Landry and Patterson on it approaches the distortion area. They use Randallís box and the Posbi station appears before their eyes. Discovered, the Posbi station attacks the two Terran ships which are forced to take flight. Landry and Patterson penetrate into the time fortress. They find the generator of the time distortion field and destroy it. Meech Hannigan, whose human exterior is severely damaged, appears close to them. The three agents are pursued by the Posbis but robots sent by the fictive transmitter of the THEODORIC allows them to escape successfully. They rejoin the VOLTA by transmitter.

Five Posbi ships emerge and destroy the station. The VOLTA and the THEODORIC leave the scene.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-12-23

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