1309 - Heiße Fracht für Terra
Hot Freight For Terra
Kurt Mahr

Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch and his crew of the former viro-ship AVIGNON find a few days of rest in the station CLARK FLIPPER of the GOI (Galactic Organic Independence) lead by Julian "Tiff" Tifflor. Tiff wants them to join their organisation and as a first assignment collect some Paratau and deliver it to Terra. There he also bids them to report to Homer G. Adams, the head of the Cosmic Hanse about the Kartanin in Absantha-Gom. Fazzy and his crew accept.

Disguised as tourists they travel a couple of planets and finally reach Aralon the main world of the Aras, the Cosmic Medics. Here they contact Captain Ahab, a famous Springer-patriarch -whose real name is Mossek Ban Osfar- that is their contact Tiff appointed to them. He has the needed amount of Paratau at hand and agrees to bring it and Fazzy and his crew to Terra.

While on their way to Terra the OSFAR I is intercepted by a patrol-ship of Sotho "Stygian" Tyg Ian. Several inspectors board the OSFAR I to check the cargo. This puts an immediate threat on Ahab, because the Paratau is sure to be found and that would be the end of all of them. He complements the captain of the inspectors and boards his ship in order to give him a present out of his respect. But he also leaves a powerful bomb aboard when he leaves. The whole ship is destroyed in an immense explosion and all inspectors on the OSFAR I are killed.

Fazzy is repulsed by this act that he finds overly brutal and even more shocked by the appearant delight Ahab took in the destroying of his enemies. He begins to ask questions but Ahab's crew does not reveal anything. When he enters his cabin later he finds Ahab there. But Ahab dropped the disguise he usually wears to make him the Springer-patriarch he claims to be. Fazzy is confronted with non other than Sotho "Stalker" Tal Ker. Stalker tells him that after his defeat by Stygian Tiff brought him to Tahun, the former USO's medical planet, where he was over years slowly healed. But he fled Tahun before he was fully resurrected leaving him still horribly disfigured. A disfigurement he says he intents to keep and show up with in the face of Stygian his hated foe and that keeps up his hate. He says he does not owe allegiance to anyone but his course of pursuing revenge on Stygian, though he works with Tiff to their mutual advantage.

They reach Terra and the Paratau gets delivered without a problem. Fazzy meets with Homer and gives his report about the Kartanin in Absantha-Gom. Homer seems little surprised and reveals that the Cosmic Hanse already knew about the Kartanin preparing long-range space-ships to head of in roughly the direction of the 12 galaxies of ESTARTU. He bids them to be messengers once again and fly to the Pinwheel-galaxy, the home galaxy of the Kartanin, to report to Nicki Frickel. Fazzy and his crew agree.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-13

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