1308 - Das Wunder der Milchstraße
The Wonder Of The Milky Way
Kurt Mahr

Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch reaches the outer rim of the Milky Way with the viro-ship AVIGNON. Surrounding the Milky Way there is a barrier without a psionic net which is 500 lightyears deep. They are unable to cross it by their own means but get sucked into the interior of the barrier by an energetic outburst of the Fist Of The Warrior. The wonder of the Milky Way installed by Sotho Tyg Ian. Inside exists a modified psionic net that they can use for travel but are not allowed to and therefor stopped by a patrol of the space-fort Feresh Tovaar which is Guardian Of The Way in Sothalk. They all become imprisoned and tortured by Windaji Kutisha, The Terrible Hunter, in order to find out what they know about the GOI an organization resisting the Sotho and The Codex. Many of his 40 companions die in the course of their torture and the flight from the space-fort they manage to try. They would have ultimately failed in their efforts if Fazzy had not managed to make a hyperkom distress-call bidding whoever might here it to come to their aid. The GOI reacts to that call and can free them in the very last moment. The space-fort is destroyed and they all fly to the GOI-base CLARK FLIPPER, leaving only 13 out of 40 crew-members of the AVIGNON alive.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-12

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