1307 - Vorstoß in den dunklen Himmel
Advance Into The Dark Sky
Ernst Vlcek

Alaska Saedelaere flies to a world named Eklitt which has always been a good ground to learn news and rumors. He wants to find out who was behind the attack that was launched against himself and his psi-partner Testare shortly before. He is contacted by Lainish a dwarf-gavvron and panisha who wants to hire him as a fighter for an advance into the Dark Sky, a region in the center where the galaxies Absantha-Gom and Absantha-Shad overlap. Alaska dislikes and distrusts Lainish and is not willing to take part in the enterprise. Boasting with his special Permit Lainish produces a list of victims he defeated in which Alaska recognizes Roi Danton and Ronald Tekener. To learn more about their fate he finally joins the party.

In the time of preparation before they break up, Alaska visits Testare at his resting-place at the bottom of the lake Talsamon. There he reflects the past:

After Kytoma the Querion took Alaska and Testare with her to her people in the year 427 it soon became clear, that they both are still too much missing their bodies as to become part of Kytoma's people who are the spiritual remnands of the 36 folks that once constructed the SWARM, a mini-galaxy-sized cluster of stars that travels the universe in order to spread intelligence. Kytoma assignes resting-places in the lake Talsamon to them and takes them back to the City Of Three Layers Of Existence. There Alaska gains back a permanent body and Testare is also able to have a projected body there by means of a matter-projector. She also reveals a bit of her peoples history.

Once they became the spiritual collective they now are the Querions lost a lot of sense and influence for and in the standard universe. They are now more concerned with the development of stars, black holes and whole galaxies rather than with the fate of the civilizations that exist there. 50.000 years ago 13 of their people underwent a de-evolution that brought them back into the realm of ordinary beings. This they did because they found out that the cosmonucleotide DORIFER was threatened and therewith a whole region of the cosmos. They recognized that through a mutation of DORIFER ordinary beings could now use the psionic net that permeates the whole univers in a sphere around DORIFER 50 million lightyears across for the Absolute Movement. The founded the organization of The Travelers Of The Net in order to protect DORIFER and restore it's original state. Alaska and Testare join that organization.

When Alaska returns to Eklitt he learns from a message that Perry Rhodan left with the information-knodes of The Net, that Lainish is the leader of the Hatuatano. Lainish, Alaska and a couple of other fighters travel to Majsunta a moon of a ring-planet in the Dark Sky. It is the domicile of the Hermaphrodidic Precognostics, hybrids of intelligent life forms and plants with psi-talents. Lainish intents to steal one of them for himself. Alaska finds that the spaceships LASHAT and LOVELY BOSCYK are the base of two immens hybrids that the Animateurs of the Sothos intend to use to learn more about the Cosmocrats. Demeter, Jennifer Thyron, Susa Ail, Luzian Bidpott and Cornelius Tantal are combined with a plant into an own hybrid. Lainish and his party take Alaska and the hybrid with them. Back aboard Lainish reveals that Roi Danton and Ronald Tekener were banished into the Orphic Mazes and he invites Alaska to join him in a Kalydonic Hunt to get the male parts to the Demeter/Thyron-hybrid.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-12

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