1306 - Das Geheimnis von Chanukah
The Secret Of Chanukah
Clark Darlton

Reginald "Bully" Bull reaches the planet whose coordinates Gucky gave. He names it Chanukah and it's sun Shalom. He tries to sneak down on the planet by hiding in an apparently unmanned probe but underestimates the Kartanin (or Lao-Sinh) and becomes put to jail. From there he is rescued by Gucky who receveid Bully's answer to his message that said he would go to Chanukah.

Together they learn that the Kartanin sent a couple of missions from their own galaxy Pinwheel to Absantah-Gom, 40 million light-years away, in order to make secret preparations to colonize it. But as the Kartanin on Chanukah are themselfs not informed they cannot learn why this is done over such a huge distance or what in the first place is the interest in and connection to Absantha-Gom.

Gucky returns to Sabhal, the headquarters of The Travelers Of The Net to continue his work. Bully decides to stick around that part of Absantha-Gom and try to learn more about the local Kartanin. He also decides to send word to Terra about the latest developments and findings. Therefor his adjutant and right hand Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch leaves the Cluster EXPLORER with a single segment and heads for Terra.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-11

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