1305 - Das Haus der fünf Stufen
The House Of Five Steps
Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan and Reginald "Bully" Bull arrive seperately on Bonfire and both have to hide from the Vileeyah, a police force hunting all gorims and other people opposing The Codex. Bully finds the help of the Potea a secret counter-organization that fights the Vileeyah. It turns out that there is a new group in the conflict called Hatuatano (Sothalk for "The House of Five Steps). These five secret agents work hand in hand with the Vileeyah and are even more dangerous.

Finally Perry and Bully come together and share some news. Perry learns about Bully's findings and tells him about his encounter with a Lao-Sinh he had on Topelaz. Perry needs to return to Sabhal the headquarters of The Travelers Of The Net. He secretly embarks on the civil spaceship HIRRGOM. Bully follows him with the EXPLORER.

Once on it's way the Hatuatano appear on the HIRRGOM, because they anticipated Perry's move and encarcarate him. But Bully gets suspicious, stops the HIRRGOM and Perry is rescued. In the course of the events one of the Hatuatano, a Nakk, gets paralyzed and falls into some kind of trance. He utters some mysterious words that are sure to have some bearings on the things to come:

"Lai...and the Somer. Merphad has come. But he belongs here. He belongs to ESTARTU. He belongs to life. There is only life in Meekorah. Because Tarkan, The Diminishing, brings only death. And death is coming to me too."

Not yet having the slightest clue what to make of this Perry returns to Sabhal. Bully recives a message of Gucky via the information-nodes of The Net in which he gives the coordinates of a planet of the Lao-Sinh he discovered, but had no time to further investigate. Bully flies to that planet.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-11

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