1304 - Das Gericht der Elfahder
The Tribunal Of The Elfahds
Arndt Ellmer

Reginald "Bully" Bull flies with the EXPLORER to Muantok (sun Kraa, north-east sektor of galaxy Absantha-Gom) to find the Gamtsaka-brothers. Rumor has it they found two spaceships in an outer rim of Absantha-Gom that might be of Kartanin origin. Bully gets trapped by them but later rescued by Bonifazio "Fazzy" Slutch. They do not learn about the alleged spaceships but about a folk called Lao-Sinh that is supposed to live in the most northern rim of Absantha-Gom. Bully suspects these to be Kartanin. He bids Perry Rhodan to meet him on Bonfire via the information-nodes of The Net and heads off that direction.

On his way he makes a stop near the planet Elfahd (sun Aachd) where he hopes to maybe meet with the Elfahdian Volcayr. The EXPLORER becomes intercepted and forced to land on Elfahd by the Elfahdians. There Bully is put before a tribunal and to be judged since he is a toshin, an outlaw. The tribunal consists of a judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and 10 jurors. 4 of the jurors and the defense attorney are Azimu, the rest are non-Azimu. Bully learns about the Azimu and the general history of the Elfahdians.

Hundreds of thousends of years ago the collision of Absantha-Shad and Absantha-Gom started. It caused a white dwarf-star to come on a collision-course with Aachd, the Elfahdian's sun. Expecting to be catapulted out of orbit the Elfahdians startet genetically engeneering themselfs into another life-form. Transcending from humanoids to the gelly-beings they are now, thus gaining unprecedented hardiness against the hostile environment they were about to face. 50.000 years ago the planet Elfahd became recaptured by it's sun into a stable orbit and the Elfahdians reawakened when their frozen atmosphere melted. It was then when the Eternal Warrior Ayanneh found them and as their legends has it greatly helped them to revive their civilization. Thus the Elfahdians became his most loyal supporters and succumbed to the Everlasting Conflict some 33.000 years ago. But lately there is an ever growing number of Elfahdians that doubt the Everlasting Conflict and the Codex Of The Warriors. Those are called Azimu "The Thinkers" and Volcayr is their leader.

The non-Azimu outnumber the Azimuh in the trial and Bully gets sentenced to death. This is only overridden by Volcayr who appears in the nick of time and speaks for Bully. Bully is free to leave the Elfahdians, who are learning more and more and seem to be surely renouncing the way of The Eternal Conflict in time. Bully now continues on his way to Bonfire.

Andreas Jške 2008-03-11

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