1303 - Der Retter von Topelaz
The Savior from Topelaz
Peter Griese

On the Pailliarian prison world Topelaz, Rhodan and his daughter meet Siakon, a Kartanian who is actually a member of one of the seven important Kartanian families. They are questioned by the Code Guardian Ufelad, who tries to use Ophalian Songs to hypnotize them, but they don't succumb.

Helped by Siakon, Rhodan and Eirene escape and their search for a hypercom leads them to a secret factory where big structures are being assembled under the supervision of the Elfahdian Vaiburn. They seem to be designed for use in space, but Rhodan doesn't learn anything more about them. They finally manage to send an SOS.

Icho Tolot leaves for Topelaz and he starts feeling a mental pressure as he approaches the planet. Ufelad eventually locates the fugitives but he is killed by Sakion's companion, Parpatar, who had concealed his intelligence so far. Tolot lands on Topelaz and rescues them.


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