1301 - Eirenes Spur
Eirene's Track
H.G. Francis

After a few days of captivity, Fiload sells Eirene to the Pailliarian Moosaphent, who recognized that she was connected to the Network Riders. He takes her into the Quiet Zone and hands her over to the Code Guardian Dokroed, who suspects that his prisoner has more value than she claims.

On his search for his daughter, Rhodan gets captured by the secret police of Pailliar because they find a Teleport Belt on him. He is eventually freed by the clandesine group Hajasi Amani commmanded by the Gavvron Gorgud. The organization finds out that Dokroed intends to send Eirene in the Siom system through the Terran Gate where she will be questioned by Ijarkor.


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