130 - Freiwillige für Frago
Volunteers For Frago
Kurt Brand

The robots captured on Mechanica are studied on Earth. They are found to be equipped with two systems: positronic and biologic (plasma). Communications between the two parts is based on hyperimpulses. The positronic portion provides logic, the plasma feelings.

Presently numerous revolts are taking place throughout the Arkonide Imperium.

Perry Rhodan comes up with a plan to learn some more about the biopositronic robots, also called Posbis. Ten men are chosen for a special mission. They must head into intergalactic space near the Outside System where they must let themselves be captured by a Posbi ship. An Arkonide cruiser is modified and given the name ALTA-663. The crew is provided with mental absorbers so that they are not discovered by the Posbis. Arriving in the vicinity of Outside, the vessel gives out signals identifying itself as a seed-sewing ship returning home. The roboticist Van Moders, who participates in the operation, determines that the Posbis are governed by a very active and fast learning hyper-linkage between the positronic and plasma portions - a very important fact which makes them very dangerous enemies.

A fragment ship appears in response to the ALTA-663's radio signals. The THEODORIC emerges then and, as anticipated, opens fire on the ALTA-663 in order to draw forth the sympathy of the Posbi ship. The flagship then takes flight. The ALTA-663 is taken aboard the fragment ship which then disappears into hyperspace.

The ALTA-663 is brought to a planet without a sun in the intergalactic void. The ancient Arkonide robot ship is placed in a basin where a strange liquid bubbles. The surface of the planet is covered with facilities sheltering billions, if not trillions, of robots. Some protoplasm is noticed on conveyor strips. The mental absorber of one of the men is pulled off by accident and this unleashes the hatred of the Posbis who attack the Terrans. It is ultimately determined that the liquid in which is dipped the ALTA-663 is a metal regenerator. The men are saved from death by utilizing the ALTA-663's transmitter which brings them back to the THEODORIC.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-12-11

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