13 - Die Festung der sechs Monde
The Fortress of the Six Moons
K.H. Scheer

The S-7, one of the twelve sloops of the newly captured STARDUST II, sends a group of three hunters on a patrol flight above the thirty- eighth planet. As Sergeant Rous and Calvermann, under the leadership of Conrad Deringhouse, fly to above the fortieth planet, they find themselves surprised by a materializing Topsider supply fleet and are taken under fire. Sergeant Calvermann's hunter is hit and topples down towards the planet, out of control. Deringhouse's hunter is also hit and he suffers massive burns. He and Rous manage to succeed in escaping, but they cannot save Calvermann. His hunter smolders out in the atmosphere of the planet.

They return on board the S-7, under the command of Rod Nyssen, and jump back to Ferrol , where they report to Perry Rhodan.

Rhodan is in the middle of negotiations with the Thort, for the conclusion of the promised trade agreement for weapons assistance against the Topsiders. He has his eyes in particular on microminiature custom electronics, which would cause an innovative advance on Terra. He also promises himself a stabilization of Terra's position as galactic power factor by the trade relations. In exchange the Ferrones would be supplied with goods working on the basis of hypertechnology and stronger weapons.

Rhodan insists on the establishment of a sovereign trading base, which meets with refusal on the part of a majority of the Ferrones. They want trade relations, but do want a base of foreigners on their planet.

After he is informed about Deringhouse's medical condition, Rhodan meets with Crest and Thora, who had demanded in writing the flight to Arkon shortly after the Terran's capture of the STARDUST II - particularly considering Crests opinion that the world of immortality was not to be reached. Rhodan rejects a renewed demand for it due to the proximity of the unprotected Earth to Wega, and the associated possibility of a discovery of the same by the Topsiders. The position of the Earth is to be kept a secret until it is strong enough to be able to defy extraterrestrial dangers.

Later Rhodan meets with Chaktor, the contact man between the Terrans and the Thort, who was saved from a space emergency. On Rhodan's recommendation he has officially joined the resistance against a Terran base on Ferrol. With his assistance a special plan will hopefully succeed. Ishy Matsu, John Marshall and André Noir involved in the plan also. With a fictitious escape attempt from the STARDUST II Noir and the Arkonide disguised Marshall "shoot" the Ferrone glider with the fleeing Ishi Matsu, and then Chaktor shoots them. Before her "death" Ishi Matsu manages to throw away a capsule. Chaktor picks up the capsule, visible to everyone standing around him and disappears into the crowd. He is to pass on this capsule with information to the Topsiders, on Rhodan's order. For this Perry Rhodan makes use of the imprisoned Chren-Tork, the deputy of the Topsider fleet commander.

As a calculated side effect of the action of the opposition against the Arkonides, which the supporters of the Thort strongly condemn, the trade agreement with Terra wins ground.

Chren-Tork is in a camp on one of the two moons of Ferrol. The alleged "Arkonides" Reginald Bull and Marshall bring the Topsider, who is informed about the discussions between the Arkonides and the renegade Ferrones, to an interrogation on Ferrol on board the STARDUST II. Here Bull lets a remark out, which encourages Chren- Tork in his previous assumptions that the Topsiders had miscalculated with the computation of the location of the distress signals sent by the crashed AETRON and looked for it in the wrong solar system.

During the "interrogation" Chren-Tork was affected with a Psycho- beamer and the Suggestor Kitai Ishibashi. He believes now, that the conquerors of the STARDUST II are colonial Arkonides of the fifth planet of the only forty-five light-years removed sun Capella. This also fits in with the impression that the alleged Arkonides made on the Topsider due to their activity and initiative, which did not at all fit the familiar passivity of Arkonides the Topsiders were familiar with.

The following night Chaktor flees in a hunter with another Ferrone and Chren-Trok, according to plan, before the Topsider can be brought back to the prison moon.

The STARDUST II lifts off on a supposed check out flight in the system in order to be able to avoid being requested by the Thort to pursue Chaktor. This will lead – arranged by Crest – to the necessary astro-nautical documents for the computation of a transition into the Capella system with itself, and is the Topsider of the necessity for an attack against the homeland world of the colonial Arkoniden to convince, in order to prevent a surprise impact against it. Supporting for this the S-7 under "fleet admiral" transmits the imminent arrival of an enormous fleet in the Wega system to Nyssen the "raised large administrator Rho Dan". This instructs the immediate departure of the entire armed forces of the planet to the fight against the Topsider, which get sequentially supply.

For the underlining of the threatening danger for the Topsiders, the STARDUST II destroys several ships of the Topsiders, which wait for the fleeing Chren-Tork, and destroy the third and smallest moon of the fortieth planet with two gravitation bombs.

Meanwhile Chren-Tork arrived in the cosmic fort of Topsiders and succeeds in convincing the head of the Topsider invasion fleet, Chrekt Orn, of making an attack on the defenseless Capella planets. This is supported by consciousness contents of Chaktor's Ferrone companions on board the hunter, who die with the interrogation. Chrekt Orn snatches the documents from Chaktor and orders him carried off to a spaceship, from which Tako Kakuta saves him a little later.

The Topsiders accept the data as desired and transit into the Capella system. However it not as directed by Rhodan into the space between the planets, but as computed by Crest, into the exact center of the sun Capella. He acted according to Arkonide manners of thinking and go rid of the problem of the invasion danger.

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