1299 - Im Garten der ESTARTU
In the Garden of Estartu
Ernst Vlcek

On August 10, 430, Ijarkor lands wiht Ronald Tekener, Roi Danton and Veth Leburian on Etustar, Estartu's main planet. The plants and the animals seem to live in osmosis and all claim "I am Estartu". They also spread Code molecules that have no effect on the Terrans. Tekener finds a plant different from the others called Aldruitanzaro that tells him that Estartu no longer lives here, a statement that is later confirmed by other creatures. Estartu left the planet 50,000 years ago and has never been seen again since.

Only fragments of Estartu's culture and philosophy are now left on the planet, and they are carried by the Eidos and the Morphs, the other names of the creatures of Etustar, who have been asked to propagate the principles of the Third Way.

The Terrans discover the Heart of Estartu, a subterranean continent where they are shown how Sothos are created, and in particular, how they used the crew of the missing Tsunamis and linked them with morphogenetic fields to what became Sotho Tal Ker. Tekener and Danton learn that even themselves have a morphogenetic connection to the new Sotho, Tyg Ian, but they have no control over him. They also observe that their guide, called Bulsk, takes it for granted that the teaching of the Permanent Conflict in the Upanishad school is the only correct way to teach Estartu's priciples.

Bulks claims that Dorifer is endangered by the attacks from the Network Riders (also called Travelers of the Net) who have been trying for fifty thousand years to tell everyone that Estartu was gone and using every possible means to block the construction of more Estartu Wonders.

The Terrans learn from Aldruitanzaro that Estartu likes life and that it stands for tolerance and peace, which contradicts what their guide told them. The Terrans become convinced that Estartu's original teaching has been corrupted through the millennia and that the super-intelligence never supported the Permanent Conflict.

Tekener and Danton decide to sabotage the Sotho control center and with the help of the Eidos and of the Morphs, a death impulse is sent toward the Sotho Tyg Ian. The Sotho factory is destroyed and lost forever.

When Ijarkor realizes what the Terrans did, he banishes them into the Orphic Maze in Trovenoor while the Lovely Boscyk and the Lashat escape into the Psionic Network.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-23

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