1298 - Der Gorim von Aquamarin
The Gorim from Aquamarin
Kurt Mahr

On June 14th, 430, the Explorer and the Esculape arrive on the planet Arsko where Bull is brought in front of Volcayr. The Elfahdian tells him that the Gorim on new Mliron was actually Atlan and that the Gorims call themselves Network Riders and that they use the Psionic Network to travel. Bull and the Elfahdian receive the coordinates of the planet Aquamarin where another Gorim Station is located.

Bull departs for Aquamarin with the Livingston while the Explorer brings the three Cappins back to Gruelfin. He and Irmina discover on Aquamarin the remnants of a spaceship that doesn't seem to come from the Sphere of Influence of Estartu and bears the symbol of two arms opposite to teach other.

Perry Rhodan arrives on the planet and meets with two Toshins on the Gorim station. They tell him that the mission of the Network Riders is to protect Dorifer, which includes Atlan, Jen Salik, Fellmer Lloyd, Ras Tschubai and Icho Tolot, Pucky and Gesil, whom he recently got back together with along with their daughter, Eirenne, by following the call of an old friend.

Rhodan asks Bull to wait for a message on Aquamarin and Bull decides to use this time to solve the mystery of the wrecked spaceship with Volcayr.

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