1297 - Zweikampf der Sothos
The Fight of the Sothos
H.G. Ewers

Stalker arrives on the planet Terzrock but Tyg Ian is hard on his tail and forces the former Sothos to a confrontation. Tifflor lands on the planet as the fight is unfolding and Stalker is turned into a cyborg shape by a whip-like weapon that Tyg Ian found on the planet.

Tyg Ian then forces the peoples of the Milky Way to sign a treaty and announces the creation of a powerful Wonder that will make the galaxy a cosmic beacon.

On September 15th, Homer G. Adams learns from Pucky that the events in the galaxies of Estartu are threatening the Moral Code and that the Sothos should not be trusted.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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