1296 - Intrige zwischen den Sternen
Intrigues in the Stars
Peter Griese

Stalker is feeling more and more sympathy toward the Terrans and Skorsh is feeling it, but he is not ready yet to relinquish his title. He is reluctant to accomplish his mission, which was to expose the Milky Way to Code Gas.

Tyg Ian, the new Sotho, positions his fleet in the M 53 galaxu and on August 11th, he orders Stalker to surrender. Stalker tries to mobilize the Galactics to fight his successor and assisted by Tifflor and Selegris, they gather a hundred spaceships.

Stalker flees to the Matter Bridge in the Magellanic Clouds, folowed by Tifflor and Selegris and Tyg Ian sends former Vironauts in the Milky Way to convert them to the Permanent Conflict.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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