1295 - Der neue Sotho
The New Sotho
Kurt Mahr

For the first time in centuries, the twelve Eternal Warriors meet on Boldar, a deserted planet. Their spokesperson, Ayanneh, says that Stalker sent the Vironauts to the Estartu Galaxies so they can be studied in view of a future campaign against the Milky Way. Tyg Ian becomes the new Sotho and forms a suite of one hundred thousand spaceships. When they are ready, they will head out to the Milky Way.

Tyg Ian treats Srimavo with Code Gas but the serum preseves the young woman. Then the Sotho sets out to intercept the caravan. Tyg Ian neutralizes the engines of the entire caravan and defeats Anson Argyris. The caravan is stranded on a planet surrounded by an orange field. Persuaded that the caravan has been destroyed, Srimavo escapes to report to the Galactics.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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