1294 - Die Botschaft des Elfahders
The Messenger of the Elfahdians
Arndt Ellmer

Bull and Kotschistowa land near the Gorim Station on Mliron and hear a message from Volcayr, who has now become an enemy of the Code after he was treated by Irmina on Mardakaan. He says that the station was threatened by an Eternal Warrior and was therefore deactivated.

Srimavo, brought by Leburian, arrives on Mliron and confirms to Bull that the Desotho acted with her agreement. Irmina gives Leburian a large quantity of serum and instructions on how to create more. After the Desotho and Srimavo leave ,Ijarkor has the Gorim Station destroyed.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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