1293 - Desothos Geschenk
Desotho's Gift
H.G. Francis

Tekener and Tyron arrive in the Royal Gate of Som where they learn that the Heraldic Gate contains a direct access to the Dark Sky, the seat of Estartu. A long time ago, the Eternal Warrior Ijaror arrived in the Siom system and incorporated the Somians in his Suite, and they became his followers.

Ijarkor summons the Permit Bearers and confronts them to Srimavo's cryogenized body. Appearing to the Terrans under his true form, the Warrior confesses that he has doubts on Estartu but that he's still faithful to Estartu. He and the eleven other Eternal Warriors, Yarun, Granjcar, Ayanneh, Nastjor, Shufu, Pelyfor, Muccor, Shargk, Krovor, Kalmer et Traicy, belong to the Pterus people.

Ijarkor promises to free Srimavo in exchange for the promise that Tekener and the Terrans will work for him. Their first assignment is to go talk to Estartu and ask her important questions that the Eternal Warrior cannot ask himself because he doesn't want to raise any suspicions.

The Terrans are teleported to the Gate of Estartu in Absantha-Gom/Absantha-Shad where they will meet with the other twelve thousand Vironauts and witness and important event.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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