1292 - Das Versteck der Kartanin
The Hiding Place of the Kartanians
Marianne Sydow

Following the instructions from the mysterious voice of Ardustaar, Dao-Lin-H'ay brings the Paratau collector in the system of N'Jala and boards the Kasamu, a disc-shaped spaceship waiting for her there. The commander of the Kasamu is Ga-Lui-M'igay, a Kartanian. The Kasamu is followed stealthily by the Terran Nikki Frickel and it flies out to secret base where the Kartanians are building long-range spaceships.

Frekkel and her crew destroy the Paratau collector but have to run away in front of the Kartanian forces on the base. Ardustaar's voice explains to Dao-Lin-H'ay that soon, she will be taking the direction of the biggest Kartanian fleet that was ever build.

On July 30th, 430, a public announcement is made declaring that Galactics and Kartanians have concluded a treaty. The Terran government also learns from a Vironaut that the caravan headed by Anson Argyris was destroyed by the Suite of a Warrior.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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