1290 - Stalker gegen Stalker
Stalker against Stalker
Arndt Ellmer

The Hanse caravan arrives in Fornax and is hit by a psi storm. Anson Argyris learns about Adams' rescue and the signature of the treaty with the Kartanians. The Wise of Fornax tells him that psi storms started appearing in Fornax fifty thousand years ago.

Stalker brings Tifflor, Selegris and Sokrat back to Tschomolungma and then leaves for Fornax, against Skorsh's recommendation who tries to convince him to keep working toward his goal : prepare a Cosmic Wonder to turn the Milky Way into a defensive weapon against the Gorims.

Still wondering why Stalker is suddenly interested in Paratau, Anson Argyris uses a Stalker mask he just created to investigate. Stalker discovers his existence but refuses to fight him. Instead, he only destroys Argyris' mask. He also gives Argyris a Permit and convenes to meet him on Olymp before the caravan finally heads out to Estartu mid-July.

When Adams finally returns to Earth, a treaty is concluded between the Cosmic Hanse and the Galacticum. A citizen poll recommands that the Teleport Project be abandoned but asks for the construction of more Upanishad schools.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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