1289 - Sterntagebuch
Cosmic Diary
Ernst Vlcek

On Februaru 28th, 429, Srimavo leaves with a Viroship and arrives in a region of space made of a gigantic crystal. The Enerpsi drive breaks down and the Vironauts land on Gorikjak, also called the Gorims' Tomb, the only planet of a green sun where the Warrior Nastjor has settled. Srimavo leaves the Vironauts to explore the area and learns of the existence of the Psionic Labyrinth, which is another name for the Caledionan Hunts of the Orphic Maze, a name that Stalker listed as part of Estartu's Wonders.

With the help of a Dallonian cyborg called Armanach, Srimavo receives a hunt permit and on August 13th, they cross on Tlampiku the first of three hatches leading to the Psionic Maze. During the journey, Veth Leburian manages to paralyze Armanach and to take his place. He was a prisoner of the maze for two thousand years and explains that time flows differently inside the Maze.

Srimavo starts feeling a liking for Leburian, whose only goal is to reach Estartu's center, at the intersection of Absantha-Shad and Absantha-Gom. For this, he needs the help of an Eternal Warrior and he convinces Srimavo to be cryogenized and used as a gift. Srimavo accepts, thinking that the presence of Vishna inside her will protect her. Unfortunately, she loses contact with Vishna and becomes convinced that her sister is now beyond the Matter Sources.

When they arrive in the Gorim sector, Leburian shows Srimavo's cryogenized body as a sign he is fighting against the Cosmocrats.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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