1288 - Das Barbarentor
The Barbarian Gate
H.G. Francis

Tekener and the Terrans arrive on Mliron, the firs tplanet of the sun Thidda, where the Eternal Warriors are repressiong the Mlironians by controlling their demographics and keeping them away from any technological advances. The Mlironians are expecting the arrival of the Desotho, a mythical hero, who was once banned into the Orphic Labyrinth of Trovenoor. The Terrans also lean about the existence of a secret Gorim station.

The Terrans discover the Gorim station and Bull activates the hologram of a Querionian who looks like Laymonen. The hologram presents the Querionians as the real representatives of the Third Way and claims that the Eternal Warriors are purposely destroying the Moral Code to bring the Cosmo Nucleotide Dorifer to deliver a particular Messenger.

The Terrans are finally declared ready to meet the Eternal Warrior at the Royal Gate and the Somians accept to grant independence to the Mlironians.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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