1287 - In der Kalmenzone von Siom Som
In the Quiet Zone of Siom Som
Peter Griese

During a hypnotic show of the Heraldic Seal, Tekener, Tyron, Danton and Demeter learn that the Pailliarians were once in conflict the Somians, who were technologically more advanced, two thousand years ago. The Eternal Warrior Ijarkor made the hostilities cease by giving an Enerpsi drive to the Pailliarians.

When Gorim spaceships appear in the Asylum system, Kotschistowa realizes that the Somian Remkeor is being influenced by Code Molecules, but the spy manages to flee before they capture him.

Tekener and Danton enter the Terran Gate on January 28th, 430 and are transported to the Sapphad Gate, on Pruugh. The Pruughians have strayed away from the teaching of the Eternal Conflict and Tekener and Danton need to educate them back. Demeter realize that the two men are also being influenced by Code Molecules and manage to break their influence by confiscating their Permit. Then they are treated with Kotschistowa's antidote and recover their abilities.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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