1286 - Comanzataras Träume
Comanzatara's Dream
Peter Griese

When a spaceship led by two Maahks approaches the center of Siom-Siom, its Enerpsi drive breaks down because of the Quiet Zone and it is forced to land on the planet Hulos, where the crew meets with a creature called Comanzatara. The strange creature shows them what is currently happening with the other Vironauts through a dream.

Guided by Farran, an Elfahdian following the Eternal Warrior Granjcar, Tekener and Danton reach Siom-Som's Quiet Zone. Only the Lashat, the Lovely Boscyc and three hundred other Viroships reach their destination, the Zahtora system where the opening of a second Heraldic Gate is about to happen.

The content of the Quiet Zone is interconnected with transmitters and the psionic lines coming from the Royal Gate are the center of the super-intelligence Estartu in the double galaxy Absantha-Shad / Absantha-Gom.

The Terrans land on Paillar, who possess an empire of seven suns where they are shown a vision of the Terran Gate, a two thousand meter high monument, which will soon be activated.

One hundred Gorim hunters suddenly appear in the Zahlora system and destroy the three hundred Viroships.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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