1285 - Das Spiel des Lebens
The Game of Life
Kurt Mahr

Bull realizes that the Terrans inside the Upanishad are the crew of the missing Tsunami 113 and 114 but since they are under the influence of the Code Gas, he needs to leave without them.

For the secound stage, Tekener and Danton are asked to defeat Targilv, a tyran who used to rule in the medieval times. Targilv is actually Volcayr under a disguise, and when they realize that, they understand that the overdose of Code Gas he received from Graucum almost killed him. The two Terrans hand the Elfahdian over to Irmina Kotschistowa who saves his life with her treatment. Irmina is then arrested because she went against the Code and Volcayr erases all traces of the antidote before he gets arrested as well.

The voice of the Eternal Warrior Ijarkor declares that Kotschistowa and Bull are now banned and forbidden from leaving the twelve galaxies of Estartu. A red circle is imprinted on their forehead and it's supposed to kill them if they ever leave the area where they are now bound.

Ijarkor invites Danton and Tekener to cross the Heraldic Gates with the Vironauts and to meet him at the Royal Gate, in the middle of the Quiet Zone, to meet him.

Bull and Kotschistowa leave with a few Viroships, accompanied by the Cappins Neiradyr, Scharlom and Dorschorow. Volcayr is brought with the twenty-eight Terrans in the Eternal Warrior's ship, which then leaves Mardakaan.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-12

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