1283 - Der Kartanin-Konflikt
The Kartanian Conflict
H.G. Ewers

The Masura crew regains control of the Masura and rematerializes in the Guunen system. In the meantime, the Maakars have revived an old planet-big creature they call Gonozal, in memory of one of their former enemies.

On June 4th, 430, the Paratau blast is detected by the Estartu, which then follows its trail toward Fornax. When they reach Kartan, Stalker, Julian Tifflor, Nia Selegris, Domo Sokrat and Lelila Lokoshan fall into a psionic trap laid out by the Kartanians for the Maakars. Using his psi-suppressor, Stalker manages to break free and the crew of the Estartu strikes back, freeing Homer Adams and destroying the creature. Tifflor and his companions thereby complete their Upnahishad training.

Stalker's goal, which is to create a conflict between the Toxics, the Kartanians and the Cosmic Hanse, is interrupted by the appearance of ten thousand spaceships led by the Base, who also detected the Paratau blast to its origin. The Cosmic Hanse and the Kartanians sign a treaty making them equal partners in Fornax.

As the Galacic Fleet heads back to the Milky Way, Lelila Lokoshan and Iruna of Bass-Thet decide to stay on Kartan to follow the trace of Tovari Lokoshan, who left on the Kartanian cruiser Garadan.

Dao-Lin-H'ay hears a mental voice called Ardustaar who tells her that she will soon be leaving with a big fleet to accomplish great deeds.

Cedric Beust

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