1282 - Sprung zum Dreiecksnebel
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H.G. Ewers

Afraid that investigations of the Teleport system might reveal evidence against him, Stalker has Goshbon and his daughter in law destroy a specific station. Julian Tifflor meets Iruna of Bass-Thet and Lelila Lokoshan and Stalker allows her to accompany Tifflor, Nia Selegris and Domo Sokrat on the Estartu.

Convinced that she's being followed by Stalker, Dao-Lin-H'ay decides to try to fly to M 33. Giffi Marauder, who was present at the Teleport Inauguration system, was rescued by Shiva and then brought on the Masura, the Kartanian spaceship. When he meets Tatcher at Hainu, the half-Cynos awakens his memory and reveals his real identity, Tovari Lokoshan. The Kamashite remembers taking the identity of Giffi Marauder to escape the curse of his family.

The crew of the Masura attempts to cross the distance to M 33 by exploding three hundred thousand drops of Paratau but the experiment fails and the spaceship rematerializes in a semi-real state.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-10

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