1281 - Teleport
Arndt Ellmer

Jlian Tifflor, Nia Selegris and Domo Sokrat have successfully passed the first three levels of the Upanishad and are given a silver suit as a reward. Then they head out to Arkonis I to meet with Sotho Tal Ker in order to take a test for the fourth degree of their training.

Throughout the galaxy, several Upanishad schools have closed and more galactic races are making pressure on the Galacticum to ban the entire program from the Milky Way. Stalker tells Tifflor, Selegris and Sokrat that he learned that the Kartanians intend to kidnap Homer Adams, and that their fourth degree will be to free him.

When the Teleport system is kicked off, the Kartanians attack and by causing a diversion with a massive Paratau attack on Arkonis, they take advantage of the confusion to kidnap Adams.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-10

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