1280 - Meister der Intrige
Masters of Intrigue
Ernst Vlcek

Stalker is now trying to make sure that the two Spheres of Influence of It and Estartu do not interact, so he asks the Springer Goshbon to sabotage the caravan that is getting ready to head for the twelve galaxies. He is also trying to create as many Quiet Zones in the Psionic Network as possible.

On the political scene, Sheela Rogard, who used to have a relationship with the Master of the Elements, is running for the position of First Terran after Julian Tifflor gave it away. Goshbon's son, Mailler, tries to undermine her campaign, but his attempts fail and make her even more popular. On March 24th, 430, Sheel Rogard is elected First Terran.

The Panish Goozren Ter Kaal reports to Stalker that the Vironauts he gave a Permit to and who are now in the Estartu domain have behaved in disppointing ways. They have taken part in the Game of Life, violated the Code and they are now on their way to Ijarkor through the Heraldic Gates. At the same time, the preparations for the launch of the Teleport are almost ready in Arkonis I, and the real goal of the operation is to create a new Quiet Zone. Stalker meets with the Masura and convinces the Kartanian Dao-Lin-H'ay to join him in his efforts.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-10

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