1279 - Insel der Sternensöhne
The Island of the Son of the Stars
H.G. Francis

On the fourth planet of the Octo system, the Kartanian base is devastated by a psychic storm. The Masura heads toward the planet Scora in order to repair his linear drive before heading back to M 33. The Scoranians do not possess space travel yet and fights ensue when the Kartanians seize a factory on the Island of the Son of the Stars. Wounded during the fights, Dao-Lin-H'ay tells her story to her assistant.

One thousand years ago, the Kartanian discovered the transition engine, which allowed them to buidl their empire in M 33. Five hundred years later, their empire is four thousand light-years big and only Maakars, methane-breathing descendants of the Maahks, are still resisting them. Space quakes originating from the Far Galaxy, their name for the Milky Way, echo through M 33 and create psychic storms through the paratau matter dispersed in the galaxy.

The Wise of Fornax channel the quakes toward a transmitter where the paratau mutates and turns into paratau drops, also called N'jala Tears, which make the Kartanian women capable of reading thoughts. The mutated women are called Espers and a matriarchal system is formed and seven female-driven families are soon in control of the galaxy.

Various conflicts erupt to take control of the paratau and decades later, the seven families meet and identify Fornax as the origin of the psycho-nucleotide. Long-range ships are sent to Fornax, 2.5 million light years later, where they make contact with the Nocturnians. Kartan slowly becomes dependent on the Espers and the Kartanian civilization starts stagnating. The Kartanians finally make peace with the Maakars through an agreement involving paratau trading.

Strong signals coming from the Milky Way pushes the Kartanians to intensify the collection of paratau in order to be ready in the case of a new conflict.

When contact is made with the Terrans, the Wise of Fornax forbids them from collecting paratau. Dao-Lin-H'ay and two compatriots break into the Faalim system, guarded by Nocturnians, and hack into their computer system. Dao-Lin-H'ay spares the life of Leila Terra during the fights and the sabotage of the Terran computer allow the stellar soldiers to seize the entirety of the paratau stock.

The Kartanians arrive on Octo IV where they are attacked by psionic animals that Dao-Lin-H'ay barely manages to tame with her psychic abilities. Since they can no longer reach M 33, Dao-Lin'H'ay decides to trust Zrec-Kkerr and to head for the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-02

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