1278 - Der Elfahder
The Elfahdian
Kurt Mahr

Humiliated by his peers, Volcayr leaves Erendyra and remembers his story.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, as the Elfahdians were ruling over two hundred colonies in their galax, the white dwarf Aach threatened to destroy its planetary system. Eight billion Elfahdians are evacuated and three billion of them are turned into plasma creatures through genetic manipulations. The altered Elfahdians can survive the space void but need to be stabilized by exo-skeletons.

The other seven billion Elfahdians are exposed to genetic nutations by the Warrior Ayanneh. They are then put in stasis and wake up five thousand years later. The two groups know about each other but don't interact. Ayanneh comes back on Elfahd millennia later and starts teaching the idea of the Permanent Conflict. The first Upanishad school is created on Elfahd and graduates become generals under the orders of the Eternal Warriors.

Volcayr arrives Mardakan where he's told he needs to take part in the Game of Life in order to rehabilitate himself. Volcayr hears about the presence of Terrans on Mardakan who won the Game of Life and are now students in the local Upanishad. Inside the school, Volcayr finds a statue of Oogh at Tarkan, a humanoid who is the creator of the Permanent Conflict teachings.

On August 8th 429, the Lovely Boscyk, the Lashat and the Explorer meet in space and the Vironauts tell everyone that a Quiet Zone has been found in the middle of Siom Som, interrupting the Psionic Network. Then they head for Mardakan where they are welcome by the Ophalian Graucum, who tells them about the Terrans who are already attending his school.

Graucum kidnaps Volcayr and makes him inhale Code Molecules in order to pit him against the Terrans in the next Game of Life.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-02

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