1277 - Nachricht aus Gruelfin
Message from Gruelfin
H.G. Ewers

The three Cappins, named Scharlom, Dorschorow and Neiradyr, give a report on what happened in Gruelfin these past years.

When Ovaron died in 3580, his body was sent out through space where it merged with the Psionic Network. In the years that followed, Gruelfin was then slowly conquered by a Cappin race led by Keltraton called the Wesakenos. Their conquest is eventually put to a stop by the imperial fleet who use a new weapon against them: the pedo-computer, which lets them take control of positronice computers remotely.

The new leader of the Cappins is called Hatelmonh but the Wesakenos create a cult under the direction of Dawidosch, also know as Kynovaron, the son of Ovaron.. They start an underground battle for Gruelfin. Dawidosch starts having visions in his sight, first from Perry Rhodan and then from Ovaron himself, who warns him against the Eternal Warriors, who are trying to make holes in the Psionic Network.

The rebellion eventually succeeds and Kynovaron then tries to unify Gruelfin with the assistance of his daughter, Siralia. Following Ovaron's warning, Kynovaron sends patrols on the borders of Gruelfin in order to guard against Eternal Warriors. They finally discover the spaceship of the Sotho Gun Niiko and destroy it when they realize that peptides inside the Sotho's system prevent them from using pedo-transfers to take control of him. A shuttle escapes from the Sotho's ships but the Cappins let it go.

In 429, the Vironauts reach Gruelfin and are taken to Erysgan where Siralia identifies them as friends.

Cedric Beust 2005-05-02

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