1275 - Die Gorim-Station
The Gorim Station
Peter Griese

Still on the track of the missing Tsunami crews, Ronald Tekener follows the advice of Longasc and looks for the Gorim Station. On the way, Longasc receives a warning from the Shabarian Cher'ub, who tells him that the Gorim station is now under the command of a crazy individual called Laymonen and also of several Elfahdians.

The Elfahdians on the station respect Tekener's permit and tell him that more Gorims can be found on the nearby planet Mardakaan, where they are being tested in order to become followers of the Eternal Warrior Ijarkor.

Tekener makes contact with Laymonen, who turns out to be a Querionian. Surprised, Tekener asks him if he knows Kytoma, who is also a Querionian, and Laymonen is shocked when he hears that name. He explains that Eternal Warriors keep damaging the Psionic Network by creating the Wonders of Estartu and also Quiet Zones. For this reason, Querionians and Eternal Warriors are at war and if the Psionic Network is not repaired, the local Cosmonucleotide, called Dorifer, will be put in great danger, which will have repercussions on the Moral Code.

When the Terrans leave, Longasc and Cher'ub decide to stay on the Gorrim Station.

Cedric Beust

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