1274 - Die Paratau-Diebe
The Paratau Thieves
H.G. Francis

Zrec-Kkerr, the Topsidian galactic representative, arrives in Fornax and accuses the Cosmic Hanse to have a monopoly on the exploitation of Paratau. Leila Terra, the Hanse spokesperson, rejects his accusations.

On January 1st, 430, the Exploiter-1 takes off. It's the first prototype of a Paratau collector and it's going for a test drive with Leila Terra on board. It carries on board two hundred automated collectors that can isolate the Paratau with mini paratronic fields. A few days later, one of these collectors is taken away by an unknown ship that a Fornax specialist identifies as a Karanian spaceship, coming from the Triangle galaxy (M 33).

The Terrans follow the Kartanians to a system made of three planets. They are attacked by a fleet of spaceships controlled by a Paratau entity that lives on the second planet. The Kartanians also receive the help of Zrec-Kkerr, who is trying to make a deal with them. However, Zrec-Kkerr fails because of Dao-Lin-H'ay, a feline-looking humanoide, who claims that the Paratau belongs to the H'ay family. Dao-Lin calls the Paratau the "Tears of Njala".

On January 4th, the first spaceship sent by Estartu reaches the Earth. 250 Panisha are on board and it is bringing a complete Teleport system made of a geostationary satellite whose function is to thicken the Enerpsi lines, thereby making it possible for everyone to teleport to random places throught the Solar System.

The syntronic computer given to the Terrans also turn the entire Solar System a Quiet Zone, making it impossible to reach with Enerpsi lines. After long negotiations, Stalker and Homer Adams agree to buy the Teleport technology with one million Paratau drops. A caravan for Estartu is put together and Sotho Tal Ker opens additional Upanishad schools on Akonis, Gatas, Etrus, Plophos and Arkonis I.

A few days later, the Galacticum asks the Hanse to stop collecting Paratau in order to avoid a conflict with the Kartanians.

Cedric Beust

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