1273 - Upanishad
H.G. Ewers

After a heated discussion on the installation of a new teleportation technology to be installed on Arkonis and offered by Stalker, Homer Adams convinces Julian Tifflor to become a student in Upanishad, the School of Heroes.

After a week in the school, Tifflor turns out not meeting the requirements to become a Shad and leaves the school. He then meets with the Kamashite Lelila Lokoshan, whi is visiting her father. Because of a transmitter error, Lelila arrived in the former center of the GAVOK. Tifflor decides to return to Upanishad, partly to see a woman he met there but also in order to fix his failure. On December 24th, he meets with Rhodan, who asks him to join them on the Migratory Bird, but Tifflor refuses. Domo Sokrat also joins Upanishad and Tifflor decides to concentrate fully on his training and resigns from his political functions.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-19

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