1272 - Revolte der Ritter
The Revolt of the Knights
Kurt Mahr

The remnants of the Abyss Land merge to form the giant sun Taknu, which is 150 million kilometers big and around which orbit 150,000 islands. The Taknu system has a total diameter of one light-year. Gnarrader Blek is staying in the Neutrum, inside Taknu, and he has sealed the Pit, isolating entirely what's left of the Abyss from the normal continuum.

Myzelhinn leaves to settle on a Taknu island and Clio sets on a search for Purple Water. Domo Sokrat decides to stay on the Base in order to visit the homeworld of his ancestors.

Rhodan returns to the Base and tells Taurec and Vishna that he refused to hear the answer to the Third Ultimate Question, which makes them furious. To make matter worse, Atlan repeats his intent to be stripped off of his Knight of the Abyss status and Lethos Terakdschan also voices complaints against the Cosmocrats, infuriating Taurec further.

Despite his protests, Lethos is teleported against his will back into the Kesdschan Cathedral and Taurec takes Rhodan and Atlan with him on a trip in order to win his willful cooperation with the Cosmocrats. They arrive in a system where a sun is about to turn into a nova, thereby threatening an entire civilization. Taurec says that Chaotarks manipulated the cosmonucleotide responsible for this part of the universe and that the impending supernova is only one of the many consequences of their acts. Rhodan and Atlan are unconvinced and argue that they don't need to serve the Cosmocrats to have a positive impact on the universe. They return to the Base.

The Base starts its long way back to the Milky Way, two hundred million light years away, but since it's not Taurec's interest to have the Terrans inactive for such a long period of time, he accelerates their trip back. During the journey, the entire crew is the victim of terrible nightmares trying to convince them they need to serve the Cosmocrats. Taurec appears to Rhodan and tells him that when he reaches the Earth, he won't find Gesil and his new daughter. Rhodan is devastated.

Back on the Earth, Taurec hits the rebels with the Shame of the Cosmocrats, which paralyzes their consciousnesses as long as they are within It's Sphere of Influence. Rhodan receives a mental message one night encouraging him to board a Viroship and leave this area of space. The voice also tells him that his wife and daughter are safe and left the Earth on their own volition, and not because of the Cosmocrats.

Rhodan creates the Viroship Migratory Bird and, accompanied by Domo Sokrat, Atlan, Jen Salik, Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Gellmer Lloyd, Geoffrey Abel Waringer and Icho Tolot, leaves the Earth for a destination unknown.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-19

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