1271 - Finale in der Tiefe
Conclusion in the Abyss
Kurt Mahr

It teleports the Base 198 million light years away, to the original location of the Frost Ruby, where it is soon followed by Triicle-9. In a vision, Rhodan receives a warning from Sato Ambush about a distortion field that is slowly gaining in strength in this area of space.

Lethos-Terakdschan boards the Base and tells Rhodan everything that happened in the Abyss, not hiding his contempt for the Cosmocrats and their failed plans despite the presence of Taurec and Vishna. The two Cosmocrats tell Rhodan that in order to complete the repair of the Moral Code, he must go to the Mountain of Creation and then wait for his mental energy to be released.

Rhodan is teleported on one of the 150,000 islands where he meets Atlan and Jen Salik, who tell him about the rescue plan that is still ongoing.

When the Frost Ruby enters the Pit, it turns into a bright ribbon and Rhodan is offered a vision of the double helix of the Moral Code and its constituents, the Psi-Nucleotides. Triicle-9 issues a Messenger which destroys the Negasphere and restores normal conditions in this area of space.

Because of his all-encompassing vision of the structure of the universe, Rhodan is offered the answer to the Third Ultimate Question but he makes the decision to not hear it, afraid that it would compromise his mental abilities.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-13

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