1270 - Der Rettungsplan
The Rescue Plan
Arndt Ellmer

The Jascheme Gnarrader Blek listens to the five Space-Time Engineers as they explain what happened and apologize on behalf of their people. Blek becomes convinced of the good will of the Engineers and together, they design a plan to save the Abyss from its destruction, as it is planned by the Cosmocrats in the process of restoring the Moral Code.

The Abyss will be broken into 150,000 islands that slowly start materializing in the normal universe, near the Pit. The Neutrum is destined to become a star around which the island will be orbiting. In the meantime, the Judge Lords are busy protecting what is left of the Abyss from Cocmocrat intervention. The energy released by the destruction of the Abyss wall eventually destroy Starsen as the last inhabitants are evacuated. The Mountain of Creation drifts away from the Abyss Land and the Pit stabilizes in the normal universe on top of it.

On September 30th, Triicle-9 is approaching the Pit and Atlan and Jen Salik, who have only pretended to become Grey Lords, are found out by Pirx, a spy sent by the Grey Lords. But it is too late: the energy stored in the Neutrum has already started powering the 150,000 islands and all the inhabitants of the Abyss are freed from the Grey Life.

At the same moment, the first units of the Endless Armada appear near the Pit.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-13

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