1268 - Die Tiermeister von Nagath
The Animal Masters from Nagath
Peter Griese

On Nagath, the Vironauts are attacked by hoards of animals and eventually rescued by their tamers. The planet is ruled by the Animal Masters, who can communicate with the flora and fauna. The Animal Masters worship Kalmer and one month after their arrival, the Terrans notice the creation of Elysian rings arond the planet. A giant holographic projection appears in the sky and orders the Eternal War.

The Vironauts eventually leave Nagath which is soon surrounded by a protection field. They decide to head for the galaxy Siom Som.

On June 15th 429, Segment-144, also called the Pendulum, heads back to the Milky Way to report the latest events but it is attacked on the way.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-04

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