1267 - Flucht aus Elysium
Escape from Elysium
Kurt Mahr

Coulinor tries to drug Reginald Bull to get more howalgonium but Bull manages to flee. When he gets threatened by carnivorous animals on his way out, the medallion from the Drakker appears and rescues him.

Irminia discovers that the living spaceship she is in suffers from cancer and she starts healing it with her psionic skills. The spaceship, called Yaddah, discloses his story.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Kkers appeared on the planet Kke from a protoplasm creature. A volcano eruption filled their atmopshers with ashes and forced all the individuals to merge into sixteen creatures in order to survive. Then they learned to travel on the Psionic Network and when Yaddah became ill, he headed to the Annual Market to find medications.

Yaddah gives Irmina a shuttle and the young woman enters the Annual Market, followed by Volcair. She receives assistance from the Drakker Whisky, who claims to be sent by Yaddah as well, but they are both captured by Coulinor shortly after they learn about Bull's presence in the market. Irmina is eventually freed by Bull and the Vironauts return to their ships.

On June 11th, 429, the thirty-three moons of Nagath are turned into Elysian Rings and Merioun orders the Vironauts to leave the Cepor system. The Vironauts comply, realizing that it won't be possible to establish trade relationships with the Elfahdes.

Irmina pays a last visit to Yaddah who tells her that it created the Drakker from its substance.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-04

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