1266 - Der Troß des Kriegers
The Suite of the Warrior
Kurt Mahr

Passing as a messenger of the Eternal Warrior, Roi Danton visits the spaceship of the Ring Engineer Be-Lugo and learns how the rings are created. Controlled bombs called the Impellators are placed inside the asteroid rings and take care of setting the gravity and colors of the rings. When Be-Lugo complains that the Ring Engineers are often attacked by the Gorims, the Elfahde Merioun, who is directing the operation, makes him stop giving more information.

An individual called Volayr arrives on the ship and forces Irminia Kotschistowa to leave the Beryhamian spaceship. She ends up on a foreign spaceship surrounded by grey walls.

Reginal Bull is visiting the Annual Market inside the Main Plaza, a thirty-kiloemeter dome made of shape energy. He learns about the organization of the Army of the Warrior: under the Warrior are the generals, the Elfahdes. Then the Body Guards, made of graduates from the School of Upanishad, an army of technicians and scientists, all bound by the Code of the Warrior. Bull receives a plaque with the symbol of Estartu on it and is told that it should only be used when he finds himself in great danger.

Bull manages to get access to the Merioun and he observes a communication between the Elfahde and the Eternal Warrior, on the planet Nagath. Kalmer orders for the Gorims to be treated with the Gorims because a Sotho just appeared in their galaxy.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-04

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