1265 - Die heilende Göttin
The Beggar Goddess
H.G. Francis

The Esculape, led by Irmina Kotschistowa, reaches Erendyra in the Cepor system. She analyzes Roi Danton's Permit and discovers traces of an unknown peptid.

When Volcayr leaves the Suite of the Warrior with his spaceship to meditate, Irmina follows him to Urdalan, the only planet of a gian sun at the center of Erendyra. The young woman discovers a dome filled with creatures exhaling molecules similar to Roi Danton's Permit.

The scientists on board manage to produce a creature that looks like Sotho Talker's symbiote and when the creature inhales the molecules, it starts behaving violently and has to be tranquilized.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-04

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