1264 - Der Flug der LOVELY BOSCYK
The Flight of the Lovely Boscyk
Arndt Ellmer

After parting with the Lashat, the Lovely Boscyk reaches Cetegon, the only planet of a blue sun surrounded by a force field. Cetegon is part of the Ckatonian empire, which contains about one hundred more planets. Ckatonians appear in a pyramid-shaped spaceship and tell the Vironauts that Cetegon has been declared forbidden world by the Warrior Kalmer. The Viroship approaches the water world Ollinaud where Ckatonians are studying the development of its natives, short creatures called the Manzategs. The Vironauts discover that the name Estartu seems to be unknown in this part of the universe and the Lovely Boscyk departs for the outer world Lempau.

On May 5th, 429, the Lovely Boscyk receives the SOS from Ronald Tekener. Roi Danton wants to go immediately to their rescue but a sabotage immobilizes the spaceship. The sabotage was caused by the androide Jo Polynaise, who is directed by two Sigans, Susal Ail and Luzian Bidpott. They work for the Cosmic Hanse and they want to wait until the arrival of Edym Varuson, a student of the Upanishad school on Kreel, the fifth planet of the sun Curalia.

Varuson wants to join the Army of the Warrior in the Cepor system. He shows great respect for the name Sotho Tal Ker and he has never heard of Estartu either. When Danton shows Varuson Stalker's permit, the Upanishad warrior immediately complies and brings his small spaceship, the Ettena, inside the Lovely Boscyk.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-04

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