1263 - Die Freibeuter von Erendyra
The Privateers from Erendyra
Peter Griese

On the Lashat, Ronald Tekener and Jennifer Thyron are still on the search of the Tsunamis 113 and 114. They arrive in the region of Erendyra where Stalker told them he found them and rescue an individual called Longasc, who belongs to the army of the warrior Kalmer. Longasc takes the Terrans to his master, Closcurt. When Closcurt sees the Permit on Tekener's hand, he reveals that he boarded the Tsunami-114 but he was forced to turn it over to the Elfahde Merioun.

Closcurt suggests Tekener to go to the Cepor system, a dual star system where they will be able to gather more information about the Tsunamis. The Terrans findd out that many spaceships from Kalmer's army are there but also thirty-three spaceships on their way to the thirty-three moons of Cepor in an attempt to turn them into Elysian Rings.

Tekener tries to disrupt the operation and the Lashat collides by one of the ten spheres that make up an Elfahde spaceship. Tekener sends an SOS as the Lashat starts drifting toward the planet Nagash.

Cedric Beust 2005-04-04

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