1262 - Schule der Helden
The School of Heroes
Ernst Vlcek

Llyn'Vough continues his devolution and manages to land on the Earth and take the role of an ambassador, while he is patiently plotting his revenge against Stalker.

On August 15th, Stalker opens the first Upanishad school at the top of Mount Everest. During the opening, he gives an overview of the teachings of the Upanishad which includes different stages: Beyond the Flesh, where the student will gain better reflexes and insensitivity to pain and Beyond the Spirit, allowing better control of one's emotions.

During the opening ceremony, Llyn'Vough tries to kill Stalker but the attempt fails. Stalker then tells Tifflor that a trading spaceship from Estartu will soon arrive on the Earth and it will carry, among other things, a device allowing its bearer to teleport.

Eventually, Llyn'Vough dissolves completely, achieving his devolution. Rhodan's spirit is then released and starts traveling along the Psionic Frame of the universe. He meets a swarm of entities that identify themselves as an old acquaintance of his but refuse to say more. They vanish after telling Rhodan that they would meet again soon.

Rhodan finally arrives on Eden II and It wakes up from his slumber to activate the Chronofossil, which results in his merge with the twenty billion consciousnesses that were already wandering about Eden II. Before withdrawing again, It asks Rhodan to take the Base to Triicle-9 where a final adjustment needs to be made to complete the repair of the Moral Code.

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