1260 - Das letzte Chronofossil
The Last Chronofossil
Marianne Sydow

As the presence of the Negasphere fragments around Eden II is slowly draining all the Concepts into the void, the Master of the Elements remembers the story of his people.

One hundred million years earlier, the people of the V'Aupertir were controlling hundreds of worlds in their galaxy, Kaan. When they started experimenting with their genes, their civilization started stagnating and most of their citizens decided to leave their home galaxies and explore the cosmos on gigantic flying cities.

During this period, they perfect their genetic manipulations and reach immortality, but their numbers keep decreasing. At the top of their evolution, they create a giant spaceship they call the Ark. Then their civilization splits into two parties: one that wants the entire civilization to lose their physical appearance and become a super-intelligence and the other that opposes it.

The efforts to become a super-intelligence fail and their V'Aupertirs start declining. Several thousands of years later, they discover the Negasphere and they seize this opportunity to resumer their efforts to evolve to a new level of consciousness. Using the energy that was liberated when the normal universe collapsed and gave way to the Negasphere, the V'Aupertir's merge into a single entity who gains the ability to move in time and space instantaneously.

Since his power depends completely on the Negasphere, the Man of the Elements starts fighting the Cosmocrats as they are trying to restore the Frost Ruby into the Moral Code of the universe, which would result in the annihilation of the Negasphere. The Man of the Elements becomes a soldier of the Powers of Chaos: a Chaotark.

On Eden II, Gesils receives the assistance of some of the Old Mutants and finally makes her way to the Man of Elements, who unsuspectingly lets her get closer. She strikes with the Devolutor and the Hexgaonium tip merges with the Chaotark. The Psiclotron is also destroyed during the fight.

wakes up and thanks Gesil by giving her Ovaron's cell activator. It tells Gesil he will need at least six months to recover from the incident and then disappears. His last words to Gesil is to warn Rhodan not to activate the Chronofossil Eden II before he returns.

When Rhodan wakes up, he decides to activate the Chronofossil anyway because he fears that Atlan and Jen Salik might be in danger in the Abyss. Gesil tells him she wants to go back to the Earth before the activation takes place in order to place their unborn daughter in security. Once on the Earth, Gesil takes command of the Viroship Migratory Bird and leaves the Solar System.

On April 8th, 429, Rhodan activates the Chronofossil Eden II and suddenly vanishes.

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